Behind the Seams

Say Le Vi’ Designs is what happens when your sense of style meets our fashion designs. I’ve always had a unique sense of style but could hardly find clothing that quite matched it. A dress would always need to be longer or shorter. Sleeves would be too short or shouldn’t be there at all. Hhhmm…maybe a whole different type of sleeve.

Why do I need pockets on these slacks or where are the pockets on these slacks, lol! Or maybe it should be red instead of blue,green,black or hey!!!…what about a nice print?! Where is my size and does it come with a jacket, cardiganor bolero? Omg! If it only had a belt! A jumpsuit would be nice. Well, I fixed all those problems. Say hello to “Say Le Vi’ Designs where the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoy all of my precious designs because they all have been inspired by women like you with any and every occasion in mind. Thank you and I hope you enjoy exploring all the possibilities of your newstyle with Say Le Vi’ Designs.